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Remote Work Policy

At DesaDigit, we value the flexibility and productivity that remote work can provide. To ensure that our remote work culture is successful and beneficial for both employees and the company, we have established the following policies and guidelines:

Eligibility Employees who have demonstrated strong performance and the ability to work independently may be eligible for remote work arrangements. Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the employee’s supervisor and HR.

Equipment and Technology Employees working remotely must have access to the necessary equipment and technology to perform their duties effectively. This includes a reliable computer, internet access, and any software or tools needed for their role. The company will provide the necessary equipment and technology as appropriate.

Communication and Availability Remote employees are expected to be available during their designated work hours and to be responsive to communication from their supervisor and colleagues. This includes email, phone, and other collaboration tools as needed.

Work Environment and Productivity Employees are responsible for maintaining a productive and professional work environment while working remotely. This includes ensuring that they have a suitable workspace, minimizing distractions, and managing their time effectively to meet deadlines and complete their duties.

Security and Confidentiality Employees must follow all company policies and guidelines related to data security and confidentiality, regardless of their work location. This includes protecting company information and data, using secure networks and equipment, and following best practices for information security.

Travel and In-Person Meetings Remote employees may be required to travel to the office or attend in-person meetings as needed. The company will cover reasonable travel expenses as appropriate, however, that is not a guarantee.

Review and Approval Remote work arrangements will be reviewed periodically to ensure they are working effectively and meeting the needs of the employee and the company. Changes to remote work arrangements must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and HR.

By establishing clear policies and guidelines for remote work, we believe that we can create a successful and productive remote work culture at DesaDigit.