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There are tens of thousands of bloggers that make money from their blogs in some way, shape, or form, whether it’s just a few extra bucks a month or enough to make a livelihood.

Want to earn money with a blog? Try out our 30-Day Blog Challenge, where we’ll assign you a manageable job each day for a month to help you lay the groundwork for a successful blogging career.

Does anybody really get paid to blog?

No. To succeed as a blogger, you need to have some form of creative ability, since you need to be able to create material that is engaging enough to keep people coming back for more. It’s up to you to decide if that means offering style tips or just writing about your everyday life.

Developing a connection with your blog’s audience is the blog’s primary goal. You may forget about making any money from your blog if you can’t attract any visitors.

But if you can get people to return to your site, you’ll have a great foundation for making money off of your traffic.

Things a blogger needs!

You’ll need a few things to get started generating money as a blogger.

  1. A blog
    Of course, you need a blog before you can start making money off of it, and that’s why Day 1 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge is all about getting you started with a solid foundation for long-term blogging success.
  2. Time
    After getting everything set up, you’ll have to dedicate some time to actually writing the blog content.

That’ll cost you more than everything else you have to worry about. How much time you spend writing blog entries. Depending on the topic, writing a blog post might take anything from a few minutes to a few hours.

How Blogging Works

When individuals first realize that blogging might be profitable, the question “How do bloggers make money blogging?” often arises.

Like you, I wondered the same thing before I got started. The answer is obvious: bloggers make money in one of two ways: by being known as an expert in their field, or by using their blog as a marketing tool. Like a huge billboard or a standard magazine.

In order to be successful as a blogger, you need to keep in mind these three guidelines.

  1. Making first-rate material is the most important step.
    When running a blog, excellent posts are essential. This information is presented in the form of blog postings on a weblog. In order to succeed as a blogger, you need to provide high-quality content. To generate revenue, you need site visits, but to attract those people, you need valuable content.
  2. Make your name known and get the word out.
    Start making genuine, no-strings-attached connections via social media, commenting, forums, endorsing others, and the like as you work on your material.

    1. There won’t be many people checking you out if they have no idea you even exist. If you don’t actively seek out new connections, others won’t discover you.

3.Third, establish several means of financial support.

The final essential step is to create new sources of revenue. Many people prefer to ignore the other three, but this is crucial. Don’t question my word here.

Prolific bloggers are always looking for fresh revenue streams. Successful bloggers know that having numerous sources of income is essential to bringing in a comfortable living. Over time, even a few cents from here and there there might add up to a significant sum.

Bloggers often utilize their blogs as stepping stones to more lucrative endeavors, such as ebooks, novels, speaking engagements, product launches, etc (more below).

How to make Money!

Each blogger relies ond a unique medley of methods to rake in cash. While it’s essential to be aware of the various revenue sources available, diving headfirst into monetization before your blog’s reputation has been solidly established may be detrimental to your efforts.

The following are the most common ways that bloggers make money:

Marketing using Visuals
Display advertising are visual advertisements like billboards or magazine spreads. They may be integrated into your site’s content, sidebars, headers, or footers. They are sometimes referred to as “banner advertising.”

They should enhance the value and interest of the information already presented on your site. Advertisers pay for placement on your site in the hopes that readers will become interested in their goods and services enough to click on the ads and learn more.

For new bloggers interested in display advertisements, Google Adsense is a fantastic place to start due to its low barrier to entry.

1- Free Classified Ads

Similar to display advertisements, private advertising often take the shape of buttons or images and are located in the blog’s sidebar. They stand out from the competition since there is no intermediary (ad network) involved in the business arrangement. Collaborations between bloggers and other entities are established by bilateral agreements between the two parties.

The blogger or the marketer may initiate the first contact. Establish mutually acceptable standards of behavior.

2- Awards and Critiques

If you’ve been following any kind of blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen reviews or giveaways, and maybe even entered one. An organization provides a blogger with a sample of a product to write about and perhaps offer to readers.

In addition to the free goods that is often expected to be kept by the blogger, some bloggers charge to host contests.

3- Promoted Content
To write a sponsored article implies to collaborate with a business to create content promoting that business’s goods or services. Do the right thing and tell the readers how you’re connected to the subject. Reduce the number of sponsored content or they will drive away readers.

4- Promotion Via Affiliation
Through affiliate marketing, you may earn a commission whenever one of your readers makes a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link.

5- The Best of the Best in Digital Goods
Here, you’re using your blog as a means of advertising a service or product you’ve developed. You may use your blog to advertise everything from ebooks and online courses to seminars and premium material for members. A blog reader is probably already interested in what you have to offer. In this way, you improve the likelihood that your readers will become paying clients.

6- Material Goods
One of the oldest and most well-known methods to generate money online is via the sale of actual goods. It’s possible that you might start selling actual goods on your site right this minute. You may monetize your blog by selling tangible goods, such as in-person classes/events, books, retail merchandise, handmade/custom products, etc.

7- Services
Making a blog dedicated to advertising your services is possible. You may increase the likelihood that your blog’s visitors will become paying clients by focusing on your services in your posts.


The upshot is that generating money as a blogger is doable and surprisingly simple. A successful blog can be built on the three pillars I’ve already discussed.

So get out there and make some money by blogging!

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